Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Business in Kenya

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Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Business in Kenya

This guide will take you through your business’s best web hosting plan, from shared, VPS & dedicated servers.

Searching for the best web hosting for your business in Kenya can feel overwhelming. With so many options, how do you know which plan is right for you? As an entrepreneur, you want a hosting solution that fits your budget and provides the right features, speed, reliability, and support to meet your website needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the key factors to consider when selecting a web host in Kenya. I’ll compare the popular hosting plan types—shared, VPS, and dedicated servers—and offer tips to help you identify the ideal solution for powering your business site. Whether you need an easy starter option or a highly customizable enterprise-level host, you’ll learn the pros, cons, and typical use cases to inform your decision.

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Why Your Web Hosting Choice Matters

We all know that a fast, reliable website is crucial for modern businesses competing online. Your hosting plan keeps that site up and running—so it’s an important choice. The right web host provides the foundation for a positive experience for your site visitors. On the other hand, the wrong web hosting can negatively impact search engine visibility, resulting in slower page speeds and even costly downtime.

For a new site, shared hosting is often best to start. But as your traffic and customer database grows, upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server may become ideal for unlocking more resources and customization. The hosting options available today in the Kenyan market offer flexible scalability to match your evolving needs.

As you evaluate hosts for your Kenyan business site, keep these impacts of your choice in mind:

Speed and Performance: Your web host provides the physical server space and computing resources needed to respond quickly to page requests. From page load times to the ability to handle traffic spikes, it directly impacts speed and metrics like conversions.

Uptime and Reliability: No business wants its website to go down and show costly error messages to customers. Choose a host with proven uptime track records for the reliability you expect.

Security: With growing concerns over hacking, malware, and vulnerabilities, having trust in your host’s security safeguards matters. Shared plans, in particular, come with risks, making upgrades necessary for sites handling sensitive data.

Scalability: While startup needs differ significantly from enterprise corporations, every business website grows over time. Your ideal web host provides flexible scaling options to upgrade resources as your traffic and customer databases expand.

Support and Service: Even well-managed sites run into technical glitches or need assistance upgrading features. Responsive 24/7 support and knowledgeable technicians build confidence and peace of mind with any hosting plan.

Now, let’s explore the popular hosting plan types available for Kenyan businesses and how they compare across these critical performance factors.

Shared Web Hosting Overview

Shared hosting is Kenya’s most budget-friendly and popular hosting option for smaller business websites and new startups with low monthly visitors. With shared plans, your site lives on a server “shared” with hundreds or even thousands of other sites owned by the hosting company’s customers. The server’s resources—including disk space, memory (RAM), and processor capability (CPU)—are allocated across the hosted sites.

Here is an overview of how shared web hosting works and what it typically provides:

Cost Structure

  • Inexpensive monthly or annual fees based on allocated storage and bandwidth needs
  • Starts around KES 300-500/month from leading Kenyan hosts

Server Resources

  • Disk space ~10-100+ GB
  • Bandwidth ~100 GB/month
  • Memory (RAM) ~256 MB-2 GB

Key Features

  • One-click app installs like WordPress or WooCommerce
  • Standard applications like cPanel control panel
  • Email accounts and databases
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Basic backups

Ideal For

  • New startups
  • Small shops with low visitor traffic
  • Sites with primarily static content
  • Entry-level e-commerce stores


  • Limited ability to customize software environment
  • Not for resource-intensive web apps
  • Security risks from “noisy neighbors” (other customers)
  • Performance varies with traffic spikes

The affordable rates and ease of setup with shared hosting make it attractive for bootstrapped startups and businesses with relatively simple, low-traffic sites. However, a shared environment’s variable performance and security risks mean many sites outgrow these entry-level plans over time.

Upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting plans becomes necessary once your business generates enough monthly traffic or revenue to justify the added cost. Sites processing secure transactions, running custom web apps, or serving enterprise-level visitor volumes do best with more advanced hosting options.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of entry-level shared hosting, let’s look at how VPS and dedicated servers compare.

VPS Hosting Features and Benefits

VPS hosting bridges the gap between shared servers and dedicated hosting plans. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. These plans give you a partitioned section of a more extensive physical server dedicated to your business site. This software-defined virtual sever allows resources like storage, RAM, and processing power to be scaled and managed in ways not possible on shared hosting platforms.

Here’s an overview of VPS web hosting for Kenyan businesses:

Cost Structure

  • Monthly fees starting around KES 1,500 per month
  • Scales based on allocated vCPU cores, RAM, storage

Server Resources

  • Disk space ~50-1000+ GB
  • Bandwidth ~500 GB-3 TB
  • Memory (RAM) ~2-8+ GB

Key Features

  • Root access for software customization
  • Choice of Linux or Windows OS
  • More advanced applications supported
  • Scalability as needs change

Ideal For

  • Growing sites generating steady traffic
  • Webshops with increasing sales
  • Sites serving media-rich content
  • Businesses handling sensitive data


  • Additional technical skills are often required
  • Less physical infrastructure control

With VPS hosting, you get far greater flexibility over the software environment than shared servers. This allows the use of more advanced applications, custom frameworks, and hosting configurations ideal for complex business sites.

The other key advantage is improved reliability and security, inheriting resources just for your site rather than noisy neighbors on shared platforms. VPS plans for growing businesses in Kenya handling sensitive data or running custom web apps deliver the performance and control missing from entry-level hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting Performance

At the top end of the spectrum lies dedicated server hosting. Your business website gets an entire physical server allocated only for your site’s resources and usage. Dedicated hosting provides complete control to manage the software configurations, apps installed, and hosting environment.

Let’s examine dedicated web hosting options:

Cost Structure

  • Monthly fees from KES 15,000+ per month
  • Highest minimum commitments

Server Resources

  • Disk space ~500 GB-5+ TB
  • Bandwidth 10+ TB per month
  • Memory (RAM) ~32-256+ GB

Key Features

  • Full-server resources dedicated to one site
  • Complete control for software and apps
  • Highest performance and customization
  • Colocation options available

Ideal For

  • Enterprise corporations
  • Very high-traffic sites
  • Video streaming or image-intensive sites
  • Sites with custom hosting needs


  • Overkill for many small businesses
  • Requires technical expertise

Dedicated hosting is a significant investment tailored to companies with expansive IT budgets and in-house technical teams skilled at server administration. The unmatched hosting environment control and customization carry a premium cost.

Yet dedicated servers deliver a robust hosting environment for Kenyan enterprises running intensive web apps, backups, or big data analytics on their sites. Configuring everything down to the operating system offers flexibility, and shared hosting plans cannot match.

Let’s wrap up with final thoughts on evaluating and choosing a web hosting provider for your Kenyan business.

Finding the Best Web Hosting Provider in Kenya

Hopefully, by this point, you have a clearer perspective of the core hosting options on the Kenyan market suitable for business sites based on technical needs and budgets. While reviewing the basics of plan types, remember that performance and uptime can vary significantly between hosting providers.

As you assess hosts offering these shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions, look for companies that provide:

  • Reliable uptime: The host should publish historical uptime stats showing strong reliability.
  • Quality support: Look for 24/7 customer service via live chat, phone, and tickets for any issues.
  • Security safeguards: Shared plans should detail malware scanning, firewalls, patching, and measures to protect sites.
  • Satisfaction guarantees: Money-back guarantees signal confidence that companies will deliver service levels.
  • Reputable data centers: Ensure hosts use modern data centers like East Africa Data Centre or JKIA Cloud Dens with backup power, cooling, and security.
  • Affordable plans: Entry-level shared hosting plans should start around KES 300-500 monthly for 10-20 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

These criteria will help you select a web hosting provider positioned to meet your business goals with an optimal plan.

Why Tara Host is the Ideal Kenyan Hosting Partner

As you evaluate options for your hosting needs in Kenya, I recommend considering Tara Host if you’re seeking an affordable and customer-focused provider.

Reliability and Speed

With a 99.9% uptime SLA backed by a 10-day risk-free money-back guarantee, Tara Host offers transparency around the exceptional reliability you can expect. Their servers respond quickly, thanks to quality hardware and optimal resource loads.

Top-Notch Support

Tara Host also has dedicated 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone. Their technicians help with hosting questions and can assist in optimizing WordPress and other aspects of your site.

Affordable VPS Solutions

Unlike hosts charging premium rates in Kenya, Tara Host makes VPS hosting affordable even for cost-conscious startups. Their VPS plans start at just KES 1,999 monthly, with free SSL certificates included.

For a hosting provider that offers outstanding uptime, support, and prices, look no further than Tara Host! Their scaled VPS solutions provide Kenyan businesses with an ideal migration path as the site needs to evolve.

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