Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

top hosting companies kenya

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Here we will reveal the top web hosting companies to consider in Kenya right now based on features, reliability, support and value.

Creating an online presence is crucial for businesses in Kenya looking to tap into the growing internet economy across Africa. However, lacking reliable local web hosting can hamper your site’s performance and accessibility.

Choosing the right Kenyan hosting provider is key to maximizing uptime and site speed for connecting with local and regional visitors. However, the crowded market for web hosting in Kenya makes identifying the best options tricky.

That’s where this guide comes in! Below we reveal the top-rated web hosting providers to consider in Kenya right now based on features, reliability, support and value.

How We Evaluate Web Hosting Companies

With dozens of hosting companies in Kenya, how did we settle on the top 10? Our rankings emphasize core criteria like:

Performance Benchmarks

  • Uptime – Ensuring reliable site availability
  • Page load speeds – Quickly serving African visitors
  • Scalability – Handling traffic spikes

Security & Compliance

  • SSL certificates – Enforcing data encryption
  • Backup provisions – Guarding against data loss
  • International compliance – Adhering to global data standards

Support & Ease-of-Use

  • Ticketing & chat – Timely issue resolution
  • Documentation – Addressing common questions
  • Intuitive dashboards – Simplifying management

Affordability & Transparency

  • Pricing model – Fair plans fitting each business size
  • Renewal rates – No surprise hikes
  • Billing process – Clear payment system and cycles

We compared Kenya web hosting against these benchmarks to filter down to the highest-performing and most reliable providers worth your trust and hard-earned shillings.

Now let’s reveal our picks for top web hosting in Kenya, starting with #1…

1. Tara Host

Overall Best Web Hosting in Kenya

Tara Host tops our list as the premier web hosting provider for Kenyan individuals and businesses thanks to an unmatched combination of high performance, robust security, stellar 24/7 support and simple affordability.

Owned and operated locally in Nairobi, Tara Host brings two decades of regional market experience. We stand out from other Kenya hosting companies by offering:

⚑ Lightning Fast Local Infrastructure

Leveraging infrastructure based in Mombasa, Nairobi, and international data centres, Tara Host provides lower latency and quicker page loads for East African visitors. CDN support further accelerates content delivery.

πŸ’ͺ 99.99% Server Uptime

Through multi-datacenter redundancy and advanced monitoring, Tara Host nearly eliminates downtime risks that can deter African web traffic.

πŸ”’ Bank-Level Security

Tara Host adheres to global compliance standards like PCI DSS to apply hardened security protections, backups, DDoS mitigation and strict access controls across client sites.

πŸ†“ Generous Value Bundles

Along with rock-solid infrastructure and security, Tara Host packs free domain registration, SSL certificates, and email – delivering tremendous bang-for-buck to Kenyan webmasters.

Our affordable shared hosting plans specifically appeal to SMEs in the region looking for a feature-rich yet budget-conscious hosting solution. Expect starter prices around KSH 199/month.

However, accelerated WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and specialized e-commerce packages are also available for higher traffic or demands.

We recommend Tara Host as a top-notch local hosting company embracing performance, reliability and support specifically for Kenyan sites ready to thrive online!

2. Jamii Host

Efficient Shared & WordPress HostingCheck them out here.

Serving 1000+ regional clients over their decade in operation, Kenya-based Jamii Host takes second place given their specialized WordPress expertise and streamlined affordable hosting for low to mid-level traffic sites.

πŸ’³ Great Starter Pricing

Shared hosting kicks off around KSH 125/month including a free domain for plans costing KSH 250/Month – making SitesHost ideal for bootstrapped startups and first-time site owners.

βš™ Optimized WordPress Hosting

Pre-configured LEMP stack and CDN outfit SitesHost well for WordPress users wanting a simplified yet faster-managed hosting environment.

πŸ“ˆ Effortless Scalability

Shared hosting customers can seamlessly upgrade to dedicated virtual plans to accommodate sudden traffic spikes.

3. Sasa Space

➑ Check them out Here

Here is an additional paragraph covering SasaSpace’s offerings as a Kenyan web hosting provider:

Another competitive option for local hosting needs is SasaSpace. As an established Kenyan provider operational since 2023, SasaSpace delivers flexible shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting to over 1000 regional customers.

They appeal to a wide range of site sizes and technical needs through varied infrastructure tiers including:

  • Basic Web Hosting – For smaller low-traffic sites, their budget-shared plans start around KES 125 monthly with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Business Hosting – Those expecting more substantial traffic can leverage optimized servers and regular backups provided in higher-tier shared plans better supporting active sites.
  • VPS and Dedicated Servers – For site owners that need full control over their web environment, SasaSpace provides virtual private and dedicated servers to individually configure. This appeals for customized security, scaling capacity and resource allocation.

If seeking a veteran local hosting company able to grow capabilities aligned with your site’s current and future traffic demands, SasaSpace delivers flexible and affordable Kenyan hosting solutions worth exploring.

4. BlueHost

Known Brand with Entry-Level Shared Hosting

International web giants like Bluehost maintain growing footholds in Kenya catering to first-time site owners needing a basic yet trusted hosting provider.

They stick out through:

πŸ†“ Free Domain & SSL

Perfect for minutes-long online store builds, Bluehost offers slightly more value in their starter bundles compared to equivalent local rivals.

🎯 Simple Shared Server Setup

Their control panel focuses on ease of use for beginners less familiar with site administration and management.

🌎 Globally Distributed Infrastructure

Leveraging anycast DNS and worldwide data centres helps Bluehost reliably serve sites to global visitors.

For those seeking a basic hosting plan with an internationally recognized brand, Bluehost delivers on simplicity and availability.

5. HostPapa

Feature-packed yet Affordable Hosting

While Canada-based, HostPapa maintains growing operations across Africa – especially in Kenya where they host over 1200 business sites. Localization helps them uniquely appeal by:

πŸ“ˆ Scales to African Traffic Needs

HostPapa’s infrastructure can scale sites from a few monthly visitors into the millions while maintaining solid uptime and speeds.

✨ Free Site Migration

Their onboarding team seamlessly transfers existing sites over with no headaches or downtime.

🀝 Account Management Support

Each client gets a dedicated manager for personalized 1-on-1 service and assistance when needed.

For those wanting closer guided and customized support from their web host, HostPapa delivers individualized attention lacking elsewhere.

6. E-HostKenya

Reliable Dedicated & Managed Hosting

Operating locally since 2012, E-HostKenya leaves behind shared hosting to specifically focus on high-performance dedicated and cloud server offerings for 200+ regional clients.

They excel in serving higher demands through:

πŸ€– Private Server Resources

Eliminating neighbors on shared machines, dedicated clients get full control over CPU, RAM, storage etc. for stable unconstrained performance.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Professional Management

HostKenya proactively monitors and optimizes infrastructure to ensure sites leverage allocated resources most efficiently.

βš™οΈ Tailored Configurations

Custom server tuning delivers the stack and tools specifically matching use case needs.

For organizations and enterprise operations requiring specialized hosting infrastructure, HostKenya delivers robust dedicated environments.

7. ByetHost

Speed-Focused Hosting on a Budget

Local provider ByetHost appeals to Kenyan site owners on tight budgets who still value quicker load times by uniquely offering:

🚦 Rapid Local Content Delivery

Local caching servers placed strategically across major ISPs like Safaricom enable faster domestic content serving.

⚑ Lightning Site Builders

Optimized LEMP stacks power quicker dynamic WordPress renders while still securing sites.

πŸ’Έ Hosting Under $1

One of the rare Kenya hosts to offer basic shared hosting packages priced at less than $1/month.

If seeking the fastest yet cheapest hosting in Kenya, Byet hosts stripped-down plans to get sites online faster without breaking the bank.


All-In-One Domain Registrar + Hosting

As their name suggests, consolidates domain registration and web hosting into simplified bundled packages – appealing for streamlined management.

They cater to multi-year site owners through:

πŸ†“ Free Domain Renewals

Rebates on registration renewal costs help lower total operating expenses for established sites.

🌐 Domain Name Marketplace

Making them a popular landing spot for buying/selling existing .ke domain names from expiring sites.

🀝 Personal Client Managers

Individual account reps provide personalized support and assistance to simplify hosting responsibilities. excels at retaining sites over the long haul by bundling domains with hosting while providing enhanced support.

9. Cloudvim

Specialized Hosting for Developers

While smaller and catering to a technical niche, Cloudvim caught our attention for uniquely targeting dev ops engineers and development teams needing flexible infrastructure. Specifically:

πŸ—οΈ Robust API Control

Their hosting environment allows intricate server management and site automation through advanced APIs.

☸️ Support for Niche Platforms

Engineers can run container orchestration, Kubernetes, and Docker platforms typically unavailable elsewhere.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Tailored Consulting Services

Beyond stale documentation, their team actively collaborates alongside development projects to provide customs solutions and optimization.

For those with coding backgrounds seeking deeper server-side control, Cloudvim delivers a developers’ paradise.

10. Code Django

Specialized Django Hosting

Rounding out the list, niche provider Code Django lives up to their namesake by exclusively catering to the Django Python web framework community. They stand out by:

🐍 Django Infrastructure Specialists

Everything from their hosting stack to support focuses solely on optimizing for Django framework sites.

βš™οΈ Built-In Caching & Scaling

Hosting plans activate Redis caching and horizontal scaling support for high-traffic Django sites out the gate.

πŸ‘‹ Easy Django Migrations

Their team helps existing Django sites easily transition onto optimized hosting infrastructure preconfigured for Python-based outputs.

Code Django has you covered for Django developers seeking hosting specifically catering to Python-driven sites!

Switch Web Hosts Without Headaches!

Migrating between hosting providers may sound potentially disruptive. However, the companies above simplify transfers to prevent downtime or losses during your switch.

Most Kenya web hosts make it easy to migrate via:

  • Free domain transfers
  • Manual site data migration
  • Downtime elimination provisions

Their teams guide you through moving existing site files and pointing domains/DNS to the new hosting account. This prevents disruptions ensuring visitors aren’t impacted as your site shifts hosts!

Find Your Perfect Web Hosting Match!

We hope evaluating this expanded list of top-rated web hosting providers across criteria like performance, security, support levels and costs helps you find an ideal Kenyan partner for achieving online business goals!

Each host brings unique strengths catering to specific niches – from affordable starter plans perfect for aspiring personal bloggers or small shop owners to managed support assistance allowing enterprise teams to focus less on infrastructure administration.

So consider your budget, business size, site traffic hopes and technical capabilities when deciding between β€œthe best web hosting companies in Kenya” outlined above. Confidently partner with a specialized local provider positioned to scale capabilities aligning hosting reliability with your present needs and future ambitions!

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